Jewellery With A Rock ‘n’ Roll Edge: Anouska London

When it comes to finding high quality (but still masculine) men’s jewellery, it’s often difficult to find much between grunge bits of string, and glittery horrors, that would suit the girls better than the guys! However, this doesn’t always have to be the case; if you’re looking for truly unique men’s jewellery with a rock ‘n’ roll edge, Anouska London Jewellery has the answer!

Anouska London Jewellery is a collection of beautiful handmade jewellery, combining ‘Art, Fashion and Surreal Edginess’ to create gorgeous pieces for men and women. The most recent addition to the collection is the Men’s Collection. Designed with a Gothic edge, the Men’s collection is dark, sexy, stylish, and perfect for guys who want to stand out from the crowd.

In recent years, the movement of men’s jewellery has gone from wedding rings and the occasional medallion, to a huge variety of necklaces, bracelets, and other wearable everyday pieces. Masculine jewellery is in, and Anouska London Jewellery knows how to work it! The Men’s Collection is entirely made from Onyx, Swarovski Crystal, Hematite, and Sterling Silver for an edgy look which really stands out.

Each piece in the Men’s Collection is limited and not mass produced, so you can be sure that you’ll retain your individuality. Several of the pieces incorporate a skull motif, in keeping with the Anouska London Jewellery ‘Luxury Gothic’ themed collection for men and women. The pieces really show the darker side of fashion with their edgy rock ‘n’ roll designs. Particularly popular pieces include the stunning rosary necklace, and the Luxury Gothic bracelet stack.

Like Anouska London Jewellery’s other ranges, the Men’s Collection is collection is quickly becoming a favourite with celebs, celebrities including Peter Andre , Joe Calzaghe, and Calum Best.

Remember, each piece is in a very limited number, so don’t miss out!  If you are a guy who likes to stand out, or if you’re a girl who wants to put your man on the style map, visit: to check out the fantastic Men’s Collection!


Coachella Kicks Summer Festival Fashion Into Gear

The first festival has kicked off in the style of Coachella and the celebrity fashionistas did not disappoint in their choices of outfits, some opting for a stand out pieces whilst others dressed in shabby chic!

Vanessa Hudgens went all hippy chick on us with baggy Novella Royale trousers, Wkshp Sioux Falls  top and a floppy hat, she also seemed to of gone a bit over the top on the jewellery with numerous necklaces, bracelets and rings. Paris Hilton pictured with sister Nicky, on the other hand wore a flower printed dress cut at the thigh by the designer Karen Zambos, she was also rocking a gold headband, which is one of this summers must haves for festival chic.

Some ladies who didn’t do quite so well were Dita Von Teese who wore an unnamed mis-matched dress which resembled something out of Sesame Street, funky (and not in the good way) sunglasses and silver purse, but she didn’t get it all wrong, her Christian Louboutin espadrilles were gorgeous and right on trend. Isabel Lucas dressed a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. But we personally have put the Tigerlily dress and the bare footed Isabel Lucas in our worst dressed list.

Many celebrities went for the short shorts look, Nicole Richie, Kate Bosworth,WhitneyPort, Camilla Belle and Eliza Doolittle all let the legs catch the sun. The shorts look elongates the whole body and mixes a casual and chic style.

A lot of jewellery was also on show with bracelets, bangles and necklaces galore, with every fashionista stacking them up their arms and adorning their necks, with Eliza Doolittle and Vanessa Hudgens clearly being the biggest fans.

Bold! Bright! & Beautiful!

Bold! Bright! Beautiful!  Three words to best describe this season’s hottest colourful trend.  Not only were the clothes popping off the runway for SS/11 but the jewellery world has followed suit and has blessed this season with an array of beautiful show stopping pieces.  One jewellery designer paving the way is Anouska Woods.

Anouska Woods Jewellery is a collection of stunning hand crafted designs which are sure to compliment any outfit this season.  The key for Spring/Summer is to stack colours and Anouska’s stackable bracelets encompass the best of style, class and sassy sophistication.

Necklaces and bracelets plated in gold and silver, plus charms and pendants fused with Swarovski crystals are becoming a favourite amongst the Celeb world with many of Anouska Woods pieces already being worn and dazzled by Clare NasirAmanda HoldenNicola McLeanLydia Rose BrightJessica WrightAmy Childs and many more.

To stay bold and beautiful this season visit and if you’d like something bespoke Anouska’s designs are also exclusively made to order so what are you waiting for?!   It’s time to shine.

Feeling Naked…

Do you ever catch yourself feeling incomplete after you’ve dressed head to toe in fashion fabulousness but you forgot the most important element, the cherry on the top?   Well, we’re talking about accessories!

In the office today, one of the team said that she “felt naked” because she’d come to work without her watch; sparking us to discuss how important watches, rings and other types of jewellery are to our daily fashion personas.

We questioned whether jewellery was the key element to make or break the perfect look.  The added glamour and charm jewellery offers acts as an asset to creating a unique ensemble.  Shanghai based designer Josie Chen told us a person “who is open minded and an edgy individual” is the kind of female she envisions to shine and wear her ‘Rock Chic’ collection of fresh and funky necklaces made from second hand dissembled accessories.   But Josie’s necklaces aren’t just pretty features to be carried off with a fashionista attitude, they are statement pieces.   Language is not necessary; just let your image do the talking which speaks a thousand words.

Josie Chen Jewellery

So if an outfit is dependent on jewellery to give it an edge and uniqueness are we right to assume that the rule applies to all who dare to wear, even children?   Children’s’ bespoke jewellery is defiantly climbing up the rankings within the fashion realm.   Ruby Fruit and Molly Brown in particular are curators of stylish and contemporary children’s jewellery, finely crafted to define a fashion identity suitable for children to exude class and style.   Now we have the children to contend with when it comes to showing off.

Nialaya Bracelet

When men’s accessories are considered it should not be limited to cuff links and watches to complete the swagger of any outfit.  So the next question that arose in our debate, do we like the men trend of bracelets?   Unanimously we all answered yes!  We are excited to see that men are finding it hard to resist the ever growing craze of the Nialaya bracelet.   Jewellery is not just for women and children and a long list of celebrity men are sporting the craze.  The JLS boy’s and Chelsea football players Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou are a just a select few adding attitude to their attire.  The exclusive craze is only available in the UK through Jada Styles online fashion portal.

Our overall office consensus brought us to the conclusion that jewellery is important to everyone regardless of age or sex.   It’s not just something pretty to look at but contains a hidden aura unique to every individual.   And this where we clarify ourselves, one is not complete if they are naked without their watch…  or as a matter of fact any jewellery in our case.

Is Fashion Becoming a Kids World?

This new age young fashion phenomena makes us question, what do children actually know about fashion?

Celebrity mini me’s are starting to give the fashion world a run for their money. Three year old Suri Cruise is already teaching older women how to wear labels and Madonna and Lourdes have created a clothing line to revive the trend of the 80’s.

As they seem to be the ones that are starting to influence a new generation before they can even spell the word bangle, its interesting to observe just how much power these little fashion protégées possess. Madonna and Lourdes style and control the direction of their fashion line with Taylor Momsen fronting the ‘Material Girl’campaign showing young girls the right way to strut the trends of the 80’s along with the right attitude to pull it off.  With Lourdes being only thirteen, and her mum being one of the leading fashion icon’s who helped to dominate the 80’s fashion scene, its exciting to see the passion Lourdes has for fashion and maybe it is an innate trait.

As the fashion world contains a number of designers aimed to cater to the children’s market, it just goes to show there is defiantly a niche market to target. Elegance, class and romanticism are not just qualities found only in the mature woman.  Italian and fine children designers Val Max, encapsulate each of these elements to create an impeccable chic and unique young girl’s range. Val Max gives young girls an early insight into the world of fashion and gives them a head start in shaping their identity.

One designer in particular Ruby Fruit specialises in creating unique pieces of bespoke children’s jewellery and keepsakes. Not only does their baby and children’s jewellery fit the criteria for being fashionable but the jewels tick the box for encapsulating sentimental meaning; Ruby Fruit are wonderful creators of such elegant pieces that do just that.

It’s not a crime to see these young children show off delicate pieces of jewellery to compliment their designer Baby Grows. Personally, I think children’s jewellery is a great idea and doesn’t pose a threat to future health risks, unlike the miniature heels set to hinder growth, strapped to the petite ankles of Suri Cruise. Children’s jewellery still clenches an element of innocence unlike other fashion items introduced to children at such a young age.

So, we ask ourselves again, is fashion becoming a kid’s world?