Emerging Fashion Designers – PR Tips!

We’re calling out to Emerging Fashion Designers who want to learn HOW TO DO THEIR OWN PR!

Time and time again we meet with great Designers who are frustrated with the fact that they can creatively master their collection and make it all come to life in the studio, but don’t know how to publicly raise their platform for the world to know about their brand?

So if you’re an Emerging Fashion Designer and you want to know how…

  1. To manage your PR on a shoe string budget?
  2. To create your brand profile?
  3. To promote you brand?
  4. To make your collection stand out from the rest?
  5. To network with journalist & bloggers?
  6. To secure print media coverage ?
  7. To secure online media coverage?
  8. To showcase your collection to buyers and investors?
  9. To get your collection awarded?  and how…
  10. To raise your profile during ‘Fashion Week’

If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to the majority of the above then  Sassi PR would like to hear from you.  We are looking for five Emerging Fashion Designers to work on a Fashion Designer PR Guide Project.

If you would like to learn how to get your collection known and your interested in taking part in our Fashion Designer PR Guide Project please email the following information to us at info@sassipr.com


  • Name of Applicant [First & Surnmae]
  • Email Contact
  • Name of Fashion Collection
  • Website Address
  • Two images of your collection

and tell us…

  • How Long You’ve been Promoting Your Collection?

We can’t wait to hear from you, this is going to be an exciting project!


LFW Diary: Sassi PR’s International Clients

Sassi PR’s international and emerging fashion clients MALAM and Valery Kovalska showcased their collections at La Geneve North’s ‘A La Mode’ international catwalk show on 18 September as part of their London Fashion Week event held at the Charing Cross Hotel.

Sassi PR & Emmanuelle-Marie, MALAM Designer

Sassi PR & Valery Kavolska

We were delighted that French clothing brand MALAM and Ukrainian born Valery Kovalska were getting the opportunity to raise the international profile of their fashion collections during London Fashion Week.


French clothing brand MALAM seeks to produce clothing that is original and unique in an effort to oppose mainstream fashion. Her current collection ‘Poupées Perdues’ which translates into the meaning, ‘Lost Dolls’ consists of designs inspired by childhood, fairytales and historical clothing.

Valery Kovalska's Collection

Valery Kovalska is the first Ukrainian designer to create and specialise in dance and performance outfits. Her contemporary punk and rock edge encapsulated into her designs have gained her widespread media interest especially in Russia having recently showcased at Russia Fashion Week.