LFW Diary A/W11 Part 3

London Fashion has been great… but it has to be said, very tiring… and it’s our love Fashion that keeps us going!

Our first show was the Susana Bettencourt collection at the Strand Palace Hotel. This designer not only designs clothes but jewellery as well, which were featured throughout the show, the heavy bronze pieces looked great  and may of taken the shine away from the clothes. The outfits were made of blacks, golds, browns and beiges with embellishments and a lot of use of thick heavy threading, making a sort of small cage around the models.

Next stop was Somerset House to check out the Todd Lynn show, which had great fur pieces with high collars, in fact the majority of the outfits were cut to hide half of the models faces. Some fabulous trench coat pieces were showcased teamed with long leather gloves, both for men and women. And of course there was a lot of hanging knitwear which has been seen in many shows this season.

Our last show was the Sahari House of Fashion, which showed some fashionable denim where the waistline came down in a V shape going up well above the hips on the sides.

With the dresses there were some fabulous oriental style pieces in golds, reds and oranges embellished with golden threading. But a personal favourite had to be the ruffled cream dress which would look fantastic at any event any time of the year.


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