LFW Diary A/W11 Part 2

Sunday was a day of A La Mode delights!!!

The A La Mode show was held at the exquisite Charing Cross Hotel where we had a quick cosmopolitan cocktail, in good ‘ol Carrie Bradshaw style, before the show.  The room the show was held in was a gorgeous reception room with a very unique runway for the model, that resembled a figure eight.

The first collection to showcase was designer Luna Sky, the first seven outfits seem to reflect wedding dresses, maybe the designer Luna was hoping Kate Middleton would show up. But they were gorgeous with usage of many different embellishments and materials like intricate beading, chiffon flowers, lace, silk and diamond-esque jewels. The collection then turns black with an in-between white dress with black lace covering the skirt. The black dresses follow on from the white ones in terms of materials and embellishments but with different cuts making them seem more of an evening or cocktail dress.

After this, we watched the Zed Eye collection, which featured some sophisticated triangular cuts. The royal blue jackets were simply lovely and along with their feathered trims they would be perfect for the autumn season. The collection moved onto some fabulous dresses that wouldn’t look out of place at Zara. From the gorgeous pale blue with white polka-dot silk dress to the more office ready cuts, which feature an array of trims, beading and laced embellishments, this collection is definitely one to watch out for, and we must mention that we loved the fact all the models hair was exactly the same, which funnily enough matched a certain Sassi members bob cut.

So then the lights darkened to a pitch black, then a loud techno sound came from the speakers, and out came the first model from the Omar Mansoor collection. This whole collection seemed to go down the Grecian Goddess look using light greens, yellows and purples. Many of the outfits had different embellishments with jewelled stones across the bust and on one particular dress, a giant cross across the stomach which was fantastic.

The last show of the day started with a surprise performance from Egypt, who in fact was the designer of the collection. The collection was called Eveae West and featured the brightest and striking dresses of the day. There was bright orange, pink, shiny gold and purple dresses which really stood out. The designs came in various cuts but would seem to be for the younger teenage audience, with the models legs out and off the shoulder straps, and for one unfortunate model the strap fell down revealing a little too much.


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