LFW Diary A/W11 Part 1

Let the fun begin!  Once again  it’s time for London to hold it’s grand fashion extravaganza…. the one and only ‘London Fashion Week’ and as always Sassi PR was at Somerset House and all the various venues revelling in all the excitement!

This season we were joined by top British model Alisha White at the shows of Ashley Isham, Bernard Chandran and Belle Sauvage.


The Ashley Isham show was absolutely amazing.  The thrill of the show started from the moment the lights went down, the music started blaring, and the models took to the runway at the Mercer Street Studios.  The collection included fabulous rich velvet of turquoise blues and woodland greens which were covered in floral prints. There was also silvery grey dresses that were in the classic Ashley Isham style. Following this there were some fabulous pieces that will next be seen on the bodies of any A-list star on the red carpet.

At the Bernard Chandran show we witnissed some beautiful and delicate full length lace dresses which were broken up by industrial zips and thick black belts, which we have seen a lot of this year. Bernard used huge feather jackets to make up outfits that were just one block colour, from the dress, tights and the shoes. The colours used were greys and blacks mixed with reds, orange, bright hot pink and teal greens, but it was the feathered pieces that got the fashion crowd the most excited.

We had our reservations about Belle Sauvage showcasing at the Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street but it was actually perfect. The room was stripped back, industrial looking and pitch black, but then the show got going and we could see why this was the location.

The collection was heavily influenced by animalistic and futuristic prints, with back panels made up of sheer mesh and some leather pieces. Belle Sauvage got it right on trend this time.


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