Street But Sweet: Married To The Mob

Married To The Mob released their second collaboration with Reebok creating the Freestyle Double Bubbles and with only 100 pairs made it’s safe to say these shoes ain’t made for walkin’.

The exclusive collaboration is the fourth time (not including the Vans collaboration that sadly never saw production) MTTM have collaborated for a limited edition trainer; having previously worked with shoe king Nike creating a Chanel inspired Dunk and a lace high top with Lacoste that paid homage to Christian Louboutin.

The urban clothing label has also worked with iconic New York City artist Kaws to produce limited edition bikini designs; Kangol to create cashmere beanies and leading snowboard manufacturer Burton for a Fall/Winter 2010 collection of ski clothes and accessories including a snowboard.

Founded in New York City in 2004, Leah McSweeny created Married To The Mob NYC at a time when women in street wear were under represented so she decided to make a label herself and with a lifestyle that speaks to confident and stylish women the movement for female street wear was created. Named after her loyal crew – MOB: Most Official Bitches; the street wear label is embraced by like minded women and rooted in New York attitude MOB has fans all over the world who all identify with the street smarts that MOB is about.

Wearing a MTTM piece demands attention, says Tabatha McGurr PR and writer for MOB’s blog “If a girl walked by you in a Married to the Mob tee, you’d definitely turn around and see what else she had going on.”

Born of “blood, sweat and tears” the label has come a long way, expanding to men’s t-shirt line and continuing to expand the women’s wear from t-shirts and hoodies, to jeans and accessories. The journey hasn’t been easy but “being beautiful, original, and knowing how to hustle helps” (Tabatha on Leah and how MTTM was born).

The brash and unlikely attitude exerted from the brand is definitely a refreshing identity in the fashion industry, but also it seems like women need to hold their ground, especially in the urban fashion market if only to be taken seriously and be respected by male counterparts.
So why in this environment, when you are one of the few labels that cater to women, would you call yourself a bitch? “…The name kind of says it all. Being called a bitch is disrespectful to most girls, but the way I see it, it’s kinda like self-empowerment… You just gotta ask whoever is wearing one of our pieces.”

So what does the future hold for the MTTM brand? A Karl Lagerfield collaboration is what Leah hopes for, which no doubt would be dope. But ultimately, “Worldwide Domination. I won’t settle for anything less.”

Obviously the MOB crew don’t care what people think and the brand has successfully captured the essence of what New York style is in individuality, creativity and attitude. Married To The Mob is brazen, bold and definitely encourages us to ignore the critics, embrace who we are and believe in what we do.

Excerpts of interviews taken from: “Married to the Mob: When the Girls Take Over for the Boys” by Emily Westerweller and “The Insider: Leah McSweeney” by Samantha Gilewicz.


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