FHN: The Oscars 2011 – Sandra Bullock

“Fashion Hot or Not”

Sandra Bullock stood out on the red carpet in a figure hugging red Vera Wang dress teamed with a diamond earrings and bracelets, and Jimmy Choo platform heels.

Sassi PR have rated the Sandra Bullock dress : RATING 3/5

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FHN: The Oscars 2011 – Cate Blanchett

“Fashion Hot or Not”

Cate Blanchett took to the red carpet for the Oscars 2011 wearing a lilac Givenchy Haute Couture silk chiffon gown that was embroidered with leather pearls and crystals. One of the most stunning looks of the evening.

Sassi PR have rated the Cate Blanchett dress : RATING 4/5

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LFW Diary A/W11 Part 3

London Fashion has been great… but it has to be said, very tiring… and it’s our love Fashion that keeps us going!

Our first show was the Susana Bettencourt collection at the Strand Palace Hotel. This designer not only designs clothes but jewellery as well, which were featured throughout the show, the heavy bronze pieces looked great  and may of taken the shine away from the clothes. The outfits were made of blacks, golds, browns and beiges with embellishments and a lot of use of thick heavy threading, making a sort of small cage around the models.

Next stop was Somerset House to check out the Todd Lynn show, which had great fur pieces with high collars, in fact the majority of the outfits were cut to hide half of the models faces. Some fabulous trench coat pieces were showcased teamed with long leather gloves, both for men and women. And of course there was a lot of hanging knitwear which has been seen in many shows this season.

Our last show was the Sahari House of Fashion, which showed some fashionable denim where the waistline came down in a V shape going up well above the hips on the sides.

With the dresses there were some fabulous oriental style pieces in golds, reds and oranges embellished with golden threading. But a personal favourite had to be the ruffled cream dress which would look fantastic at any event any time of the year.

LFW Diary A/W11 Part 2

Sunday was a day of A La Mode delights!!!

The A La Mode show was held at the exquisite Charing Cross Hotel where we had a quick cosmopolitan cocktail, in good ‘ol Carrie Bradshaw style, before the show.  The room the show was held in was a gorgeous reception room with a very unique runway for the model, that resembled a figure eight.

The first collection to showcase was designer Luna Sky, the first seven outfits seem to reflect wedding dresses, maybe the designer Luna was hoping Kate Middleton would show up. But they were gorgeous with usage of many different embellishments and materials like intricate beading, chiffon flowers, lace, silk and diamond-esque jewels. The collection then turns black with an in-between white dress with black lace covering the skirt. The black dresses follow on from the white ones in terms of materials and embellishments but with different cuts making them seem more of an evening or cocktail dress.

After this, we watched the Zed Eye collection, which featured some sophisticated triangular cuts. The royal blue jackets were simply lovely and along with their feathered trims they would be perfect for the autumn season. The collection moved onto some fabulous dresses that wouldn’t look out of place at Zara. From the gorgeous pale blue with white polka-dot silk dress to the more office ready cuts, which feature an array of trims, beading and laced embellishments, this collection is definitely one to watch out for, and we must mention that we loved the fact all the models hair was exactly the same, which funnily enough matched a certain Sassi members bob cut.

So then the lights darkened to a pitch black, then a loud techno sound came from the speakers, and out came the first model from the Omar Mansoor collection. This whole collection seemed to go down the Grecian Goddess look using light greens, yellows and purples. Many of the outfits had different embellishments with jewelled stones across the bust and on one particular dress, a giant cross across the stomach which was fantastic.

The last show of the day started with a surprise performance from Egypt, who in fact was the designer of the collection. The collection was called Eveae West and featured the brightest and striking dresses of the day. There was bright orange, pink, shiny gold and purple dresses which really stood out. The designs came in various cuts but would seem to be for the younger teenage audience, with the models legs out and off the shoulder straps, and for one unfortunate model the strap fell down revealing a little too much.

LFW Diary A/W11 Part 1

Let the fun begin!  Once again  it’s time for London to hold it’s grand fashion extravaganza…. the one and only ‘London Fashion Week’ and as always Sassi PR was at Somerset House and all the various venues revelling in all the excitement!

This season we were joined by top British model Alisha White at the shows of Ashley Isham, Bernard Chandran and Belle Sauvage.


The Ashley Isham show was absolutely amazing.  The thrill of the show started from the moment the lights went down, the music started blaring, and the models took to the runway at the Mercer Street Studios.  The collection included fabulous rich velvet of turquoise blues and woodland greens which were covered in floral prints. There was also silvery grey dresses that were in the classic Ashley Isham style. Following this there were some fabulous pieces that will next be seen on the bodies of any A-list star on the red carpet.

At the Bernard Chandran show we witnissed some beautiful and delicate full length lace dresses which were broken up by industrial zips and thick black belts, which we have seen a lot of this year. Bernard used huge feather jackets to make up outfits that were just one block colour, from the dress, tights and the shoes. The colours used were greys and blacks mixed with reds, orange, bright hot pink and teal greens, but it was the feathered pieces that got the fashion crowd the most excited.

We had our reservations about Belle Sauvage showcasing at the Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street but it was actually perfect. The room was stripped back, industrial looking and pitch black, but then the show got going and we could see why this was the location.

The collection was heavily influenced by animalistic and futuristic prints, with back panels made up of sheer mesh and some leather pieces. Belle Sauvage got it right on trend this time.

Top Red Carpet Statement Dresses

In the entertainment world each year brings highly anticipated award shows such as The Golden Globes, Screen Actor Guild including the upcoming Oscars, BAFTAs, Brits and The Grammys. It’s an exciting time for entertainers and fans alike; we can’t wait to see who is nominated, who ends up winning and with a unique merge with the fashion world, which designers will be featured on the red carpet by our favourite celebrities.

“Who wore what?” Red carpets and award shows alike always pique the interest of the Sassi PR office as we enjoy discussing our favourite red carpet looks. Inevitably and in good nature the discussion delves quite philosophically and theoretically into the history of fashion on the red carpet and a deep discussion on trends, styles and designers which resulted in our favourite, most impactful statement red carpet dresses.

Elizabeth Hurley in Versace’s ‘Safety Pin’ dress is truly one of the most iconic dresses of all time. Accompanying then boyfriend Hugh Grant to the premiere of ‘4 Weddings and a Funeral’, Elizabeth Hurley was a struggling actress at the time and never before had someone been elevated to celebrity superstardom overnight by wearing a dress and for that reason the infamous ‘Safety Pin’ dress makes our list.

On what was a historic night at the 74th Annual Academy Awards Halle Berry wore a daringly beautiful Elie Saab creation that made just as much impact as her win for Best Actress. Relatively unknown until then Elie Saab’s racy yet chic embroidered design was a match made in heaven when he dressed Halle Berry for the Oscars in 2002.

Queen of burlesque Dita von Teese was probably the only person in the world who could pull off Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2009 Couture sheer dress. Leaving very little to the imagination Dita pulled the look off with ease with sophistication at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Benefit.

Beyoncé sure knows how to make a statement and boy did this dress make a statement. Receiving a mixed reaction, the Georgio Armani beaded creation did what it was made to do. Changing outfits more times than anyone could count that night this one was the best, enhancing her figure and creating an impact. And what better way to make an impact than wearing that dress and picking up a record six Grammys!

Versace makes the list again and why wouldn’t it when the dress in question was worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammys. Donatella did for Jennifer what Gianni did for Elizabeth when she dressed J.Lo in the sheer green rainforest design with the dangerously low plunging neckline. It made history and just goes to show why Versace is one of the most iconic fashion houses when it comes to creating couture that pushes visual boundaries like that.

No fashion list would be complete without everyone’s best friend Sarah Jessica Parker. In an Alexander McQueen creation paying homage to the designer’s roots, SJP was a perfect fit for the design at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit Gala: Anglomania 2006. It looks to be a simple dress and without the clever use of tartan draped across it would have not made the same impact. A true work of genius.

The bizarre but unique concept was daringly executed at a time when the world was reeling from the financial crisis and here were these two crazy designers who refused to let any financial woes deter them from creating masterpieces. “The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre” is what Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2010 collection was lovingly called and with the insane creations that were displayed on the runway it was hard to envision it on the red carpet… but on the red carpet it came… enter Rihanna!!!  Donning an outrageous creation to the 2010 Grammy Awards pre-party; with an unmatched fierceness the stylish pop star was the ideal celebrity and probably the only celebrity who could pull this off.

With the heavyweight award shows yet to come, we’ll be looking forward to see who makes the biggest impact with their choice in wardrobe. Red carpet is probably the only occasion where celebrities can create the biggest impact, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this Spring.

As fashion lovers we salute those brave enough to let their dresses do the talking; after all the design that speaks volumes will for sure go down in history as a true work of art!

Street But Sweet: Married To The Mob

Married To The Mob released their second collaboration with Reebok creating the Freestyle Double Bubbles and with only 100 pairs made it’s safe to say these shoes ain’t made for walkin’.

The exclusive collaboration is the fourth time (not including the Vans collaboration that sadly never saw production) MTTM have collaborated for a limited edition trainer; having previously worked with shoe king Nike creating a Chanel inspired Dunk and a lace high top with Lacoste that paid homage to Christian Louboutin.

The urban clothing label has also worked with iconic New York City artist Kaws to produce limited edition bikini designs; Kangol to create cashmere beanies and leading snowboard manufacturer Burton for a Fall/Winter 2010 collection of ski clothes and accessories including a snowboard.

Founded in New York City in 2004, Leah McSweeny created Married To The Mob NYC at a time when women in street wear were under represented so she decided to make a label herself and with a lifestyle that speaks to confident and stylish women the movement for female street wear was created. Named after her loyal crew – MOB: Most Official Bitches; the street wear label is embraced by like minded women and rooted in New York attitude MOB has fans all over the world who all identify with the street smarts that MOB is about.

Wearing a MTTM piece demands attention, says Tabatha McGurr PR and writer for MOB’s blog “If a girl walked by you in a Married to the Mob tee, you’d definitely turn around and see what else she had going on.”

Born of “blood, sweat and tears” the label has come a long way, expanding to men’s t-shirt line and continuing to expand the women’s wear from t-shirts and hoodies, to jeans and accessories. The journey hasn’t been easy but “being beautiful, original, and knowing how to hustle helps” (Tabatha on Leah and how MTTM was born).

The brash and unlikely attitude exerted from the brand is definitely a refreshing identity in the fashion industry, but also it seems like women need to hold their ground, especially in the urban fashion market if only to be taken seriously and be respected by male counterparts.
So why in this environment, when you are one of the few labels that cater to women, would you call yourself a bitch? “…The name kind of says it all. Being called a bitch is disrespectful to most girls, but the way I see it, it’s kinda like self-empowerment… You just gotta ask whoever is wearing one of our pieces.”

So what does the future hold for the MTTM brand? A Karl Lagerfield collaboration is what Leah hopes for, which no doubt would be dope. But ultimately, “Worldwide Domination. I won’t settle for anything less.”

Obviously the MOB crew don’t care what people think and the brand has successfully captured the essence of what New York style is in individuality, creativity and attitude. Married To The Mob is brazen, bold and definitely encourages us to ignore the critics, embrace who we are and believe in what we do.

Excerpts of interviews taken from: sadiemagazine.com “Married to the Mob: When the Girls Take Over for the Boys” by Emily Westerweller and nylonmag.com “The Insider: Leah McSweeney” by Samantha Gilewicz.