Small Fashion Brands & Very Big Names

Over the years we have seen a continuing trend in the amount of celebrities that have, and are endorsing fashion brands.  Quite obvious to us, it is in the interest of the fashion brand to get these celebrities on board but what if you’re a brand that can’t afford to pay a celebrity £3 million to showcase your collection?

Most recently we saw that Lara Stone is doing another season with Calvin Klein and Missoni has released their first spring ad campaign featuring Leighton Meester .  Both ladies we think are looking stunning and drawing all eyes to their chosen campaigns.

Probably one of the most famous endorsements was when supermodel Kate Moss and Topshop joined forces to create and design a clothing range, which we shamelessly stood in queue for.  In late 2010 the incredibly successful agreement came to an end, after Kate’s 14th season and her estimated earnings of £3 million from this project alone.  But even more astounding is David Beckham’s deal with Giorgio Armani, he was paid a reportedly staggering £20 million but it worked, sales of Armani boxers exceeded expectation and lucky for us, Beckham stayed on to do another season of promotional ads.

The main reason companies and fashion brands take on a famous name is ultimately the exposure and publicity that comes with the celebrity.  Sometimes this can have adverse effects as when the star does something that is perceived as wrong in the public eye, they would be likely to lose their contract.  Fashion line, Jill Stuart, had to drop Lindsay Lohan due to her excessive drug abuse, arrests and stints in rehab, as who would want to be associated with that, we certainly wouldn’t.

So what if you are a small fashion brand, you cannot just sit around and hope that someone in the public eye will wear something from your collection.  Even if you try to ‘gift’ a celebrity with the items, they may just end up giving the item away.

It is important to make sure you gift the correct celebrit, for example, a neon clothing range company should target The Saturdays or Alexandra Burke rather than Emma Bunton or Holly Willoughby.  Hopefully the celebrity will wear the outfit or piece, they may even get photographed.  If they really love it, they might even tell their friends about it and spread the news about your brand. They may even make an announcement on Twitter or Facebook!

It is possible to get celebrities and famous names for smaller fashion brands…  Yes!  We at SassiPR use our experience, contacts and good public relations to make it all possible.


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