Kim Kardashian starts 2011 with a new career.

We all like to make big decisions concerning our life when it comes round to a new year, and the most famous Kardashian child has made the giant step into the music world. She treated revellers to the first public play of her, still unnamed song, which was worked on by music legend The Dream. The Dream has co-produced Umbrella for Rihanna and Single Ladies for Beyoncé, and co written Touch My Body for Mariah Carey, and High Price for Ciara. She was also seen leaving a recording Studio with the huge Kanye West, so we can definitely say she is in safe hands.

From the recording, you cannot get that much of the ability of her vocals, but its sounds very much like an early Jennifer Lopez, think Play or I’m Real.  Could this set the American Billboard charts or the UK Top 40 Chart on fire, well everything else Kim has touched has turned straight to gold. In fact she is America’s top earning realityTV star, with estimated earnings for 2010 standing at $6 million. Not bad for a girl who broke into the public eye because of a sex tape.

We found the recording on Youtube and instantly had to have a listen. MTV News reports it was taken from a New Years Eve bash at a Las Vegas club called TAO and as you can hear, our Kim introduces the song before the DJ hits PLAY!

“I didn’t mean to, but I did this song with The-Dream, and it’s really fun! I hope you guys like it!” and they certainly did, with MTV News reporting from one fan,

“Oh my god! [The response was] huge,” the source said. “People wanted an encore and the DJ only played it once, but they wanted to hear it again. She was singing along and dancing with it. She wasn’t singing over a track, she wasn’t performing for the guests.”

Some of the footage from this non-performance is apparently going to be used within the video reported MTV news. The video is believed to have already been shot. With Kim tweeting two pictures of herself from the shoot. One where she appears to be rocking some corn rows and the other looking much more glamorous and sassy with oversized sunglasses.

Now we are unsure as whether this will be a success or not, but we are most certainly looking forward to hearing and seeing the end product, and it can’t be worse than her one time best friend turned frienemy Paris Hiltons musical offering of ‘Stars are Blind’,………. can it?


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