All I Want For Christmas Is…

Another year has flown by and now it is time to reflect on the mammoth year of music madness, fashion fabulousness, and a heap of excellence which kept us entertained through out 2010.

Cast your minds back to the first time the beat dropped and we ‘passed out’ to wake up to see Tinie Tempah dominating the charts and sweeping up every nomination at the music award ceremonies.  Next we saw Skepta join forces with the bad boys of US hip hop and collaborated on the grime remix for ‘Hello, Good Morning’ with P Diddy.  Tinchy Stryder hit us with ‘Game Over’ remix from his latest album Third Strike including the best of new UK artists; Devlin, Professor Green, Example, Giggs, Chipmunk and Tinie Tempah all one track.  Jheeeeeez!  What a year it has been for UK music and music producers internationally. A very talented friend and producer of Sassi PR, Sham, from the USA has had a number of hits producing for UK artists Alesha Dixon and new music sensation Loick Essien and has topped of the year with his superb reggae production ‘Man Down’ on Rihanna’s recently released album, Loud. We salute you Sham.

The battle for fashion domination has been raging a war all year as many celebrities competed to push the boundaries for the next extreme ensemble.  The undeniable winner to be crowned has to be none other than Lady Gaga and her many creations.  We will never forget the meat dress and matching clutch bag and wedges the singer wore to the VMA awards.  Rihanna and Katy Perry are continuous contenders for sporting creative fashion forward styles.  Rihanna’s hot new red hair has been a firm favourite for inspirations and imitation styles and the sexy bubble gum, pin-up wardrobe of Katy Perry has defiantly shook up our sweetie jar. Oh, and we must not forget what a year it has been for children’s fashion!  Suri Cruz caused controversy in her miniature high heels while Lourdes launched the ‘Material Girl’ collection of 80’s inspired gear.  While children’s clothing has accelerated so has children’s jewellery. Our client Ruby Fruit has had a fabulous year with their beautiful collection of bespoke children’s signature keepsakes and gained a worthy achievement of being featured in The Jeweller magazine. What a way to end the year on a high!

Male and international fashion designers defiantly started to shake up the industry this year. Adrien Sauvage retired from professional basketball to become a force to be reckoned with on Saville Row with his innovative new collection of men’s bespoke suits through his exceptional creative campaign ‘This is Not a Suit.’   We spent London Fashion Week show hopping between Somerset House and The Strand. We managed the amazing talents of International designers MALAM from France and Ukrainian designer Valerie Kovalska fresh from Russia’s Fashion Week.  We also got the opportunity to meet the fabulous Asian designer Jonathan Liang.

2010 has also been a massive year for Twitter and all who follow. Firstly we joined!  Since our inception to the site we have been bringing you the best in music, fashion, entertainment and everything sassy. Finally entering the realm just behind us in July, Kanye West has kept his many followers entertained with his various tweets, yet with over one million followers he has not managed to find even one person to follow back! Victoria Beckham finally landed in Twitterville in time for September’s London Fashion Week and 50 cent received warnings and bans against a few of his tweets.  Ooops!

What an amazing year it has been for the African nations. Not only did South Africa hold the world cup, but the various nations’ music artists were recognised for their talents in the UK and on the continent.   Guepard Productions launched in Nigeria has been building its musical empire with artists J2D and LeSoul.  Also, we attended the breathtaking release of ‘Africa United’ whilst in attendance of our teen Hollywood actors Kwame Boateng and Kofi Siriboe.  Defiantly one of the most heart felt movies of the year we have seen.

There is so much more to mention to round up this year’s events.  Celebrities aside, Sassi PR has thoroughly enjoyed the past months. We have met a host of remarkable people home and away. From putting on press events, to chaperoning at film premiers and supporting charities plus every other little aspect in between of our job, we have loved every minute of it! All we wish for Christmas is peace, health and happiness to all.

We’ve shared a few of our highlights from 2010, but what are your most memorable moments from approximately the past 365 days?


All Round Talent: Producer and an Artist

The announcement of legendary hip hop producer and rapper Dr.Dre’s highly anticipated album ‘Detox’ releasing in February 2011 will be his very last. Fans, artists and critics alike have been waiting for the long overdue album to be released and with the announcement that ‘Detox’ will be Dre’s last album has sparked a discussion within the Sassi PR office: with the influx of emerging producers-turned-artists are we now seeing producers taking their rightful place on front stage?

Over the years in all genres of music it was the artist that stood out and it was the artist that was recognised for the hit song. The evolution of the record producer has progressed from behind the scenes to taking centre stage performing the well known hits they have been long creating.

Notable names in recent memory include Timbaland, P.Diddy, Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams, Ryan Leslie and probably the most controversial Kanye West. The UK has also seen a rise in producer turned artists in Labrinth after his breakout hit with Tine Tempah’s Passout, Shamz and Artful Mark (previously known as the Artful Dodger)- who we’ve been listening to in the office and are quite liking the new stuff that we’ve heard so far.

We’re very much looking forward for UK talent to be acknowledged by their peers and audience on the same level as their American cousins because I’m sure you guys will agree it’s long overdue. Labrinth has been highly sought since his smash hit for Tinie Tempah and we’re highly anticipating the music he has yet to produce. Shamz who’s surprisingly under the radar considering his recent hits include Alesha Dixon’s ‘Drummer Boy’ and Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ is a great example of the diverse and unique music that makes music from the UK special.

It seems as though producers have taken control of how they want to be perceived to their listening audience, creating a brand for themselves and portraying their music the way they want, taking control of not only their music but their image. So does this mean that the producers are here to stay and can be legitimately be called artists? Well if the hits produced for not only other notable artists but also themselves are anything to go by we can be rest assured that quality music will be around in many forms for a long time.

FHN: British Fashion Awards – Naomi Campbell

“Fashion Hot or Not”

Naomi Campbell graced the red carpet at the 2010 British Fashion Awards paying tribute to Alexander McQueen in a long black full length gown.

Sassi PR have rated Naomi Campbell’s dress : RATING 4/5

Tell us what you think Hot or Not?