Africa Unites In London

Leicester Square rolled out the red carpet and exuded an air of excitement when the 54th BFI London Film festival hosted the premiere of Africa United as the stunning cast and Hollywood actors came out to experience the film tipped to run away with our hearts.

The young cast playfully enjoyed the red carpet as for many of the actors it was their first time playing a major role in a motion picture.   Alongside the cast we attended the premiere with our Los Angeles based clients, teen actors Kwame Boateng and Kofi Siriboe.

The storyline watched the children travel across the many borders and through the different countries of Africa to reach the World Cup in South Africa, touching on relevant issues that are prominent in African society that affect young children and even adults such as wealth, poverty, education, illness and war.   Inevitable the film is being compared or associated within the same league as Slum Dog Millionaire due to the rich storyline of love, happiness and overcoming trial and tribulations.  In our opinion, Africa United is a compliment rather than a comparison to a new wave of film production drawing the Western audience into other cultures to experience new cultural traditions and share universal values.

October has been the perfect month to release such an amazing film that speaks about unity and ties in with the messages Black History Month celebrates annually.  The film defiantly appealed to an array of nations as it also embraced and invited the audience to revel in the culture.

We recommend Africa United as a must see movie!  Laughing in hysterics will uncontrollably carry you along the storyline’s journey and tears of happiness will make the experience worth watching.  A lot of hard work and a dedicated cast have nurtured the nature of the film presented to the big screen.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did when it reaches cinemas on Friday 22 October.


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