Audio Love

The skies are grey and the umbrellas are out; which can only mean one thing… Summer is officially over and what a great fun-filled summer it was despite the lack of expected sunshine we Brits squeezed the best out of this year’s festivities, mostly through our love of music!

The love of music is in all environments and enjoyed and appreciated in so many ways – through our iPods, at home, at a club, in the car or at a concert.  What cannot be denied is that we at Sassi PR love music and enjoy it in so many forms, but our greatest love is for enjoying music in the open air at festivals.

With the winter season drawing nearer, celebrations of summer have slowly come to an end and we’ve attended and enjoyed a number of festivals including Glastonbury, V Festival, Wireless Festival, Party in the Park, Download Festival and let’s not forget that there have even been festivals specifically aimed at young people in the arts such as the recent Turning Point Festival.

As the festivals in the UK wind down, the festivals overseas are just kicking off including events like The Accra Jazz and World Music Festival in Ghana, The Melbourne International Arts Festival which includes dance, theatre, visual arts in addition to music in Australia and The V Inspired Lake of Stars Malawi Music Festival, which will take over the shores of Malawi this October for three days filled of rich culture in music and art.  The line-up is fantastic and features many African artists and support from UK artists such as The Noisettes and Afrikan Boy.  This award winning festival aims to promote Malawian arts and tourism, by providing opportunities to enjoy incredible live performances and bringing international talent to perform alongside local talent encouraging unique collaborations.

New York’s Rock The Bells is another good example of the festival experience… and Sassi PR was in the ‘Big Apple’ soaking up the buzzing atmosphere with excitement and intrigue, enjoying hip hop royalty… none other than Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS-One, DJ Premier, Ms. Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg!!!

Acts breaking their way into the hip hop industry got the opportunity to perform at a smaller stage aptly titled ‘Paid Dues Stage’ where we watched the likes o f Yelawolf, Big Sean, DJ Muggs with Ill Bill, Jedi Mind Tricks, Brother Ali, Murs & 9th Wonder, Immortal Technique and Wiz Khalifa.  The ‘Paid Dues Stage’ certainly got the crowd in the mood, whetting their appetite for what was to come.

As with any festival being captivated by the sheer scale of such an event, it’s easy to get lost in a world where an easygoing atmosphere is created from the vibes of relishing in good music.  It goes without saying that festivals make for a memorable experience and to share this with music lovers where the atmosphere and experience of being in a cool, trendy and hip environment where the people are there to have good times and not only enjoy good music but appreciate it.

The impact and meaning of music differs to different people. What does it mean to you? It’s ever lasting effect is what has music lovers appreciating it in so many different aspects including the air of excitement that open air festivals bring.

Sassi PR appreciates all arts, with a special love for music and we experience not just what’s on our doorstep, but everything around the world.


One thought on “Audio Love

  1. I need to go an overnight/ outdoor festival, i can imagine the experience would be immense.

    Good article, I can’t believe Immortal Technique on the ‘Paid Dues’ stage??!!! He’s been in the game for years, maybe because he’s underground any trying to break into the mainstream….i don’t think the masses are ready for his lyrics though!

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