MHM: The Kooks ‘Naive’

Music Hit or Miss”

‘Naive’ is one of two tracks by The Kooks to be featured in XFM’s Top 1000 Songs Of All Time Book based on a poll collated from listener votes, most requested tracks, XFM DJs and celebrity guests.  We love this song and think its place in the book is well deserved.  Sassi PR have rated Naive: RATING 4/5

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FHN: Hunter Wellies

“Fashion Hot or Not”

Hunter Wellington Boots have become a festival favourite but on days like this when the rain keeps a pourin’ we love our wellies the most. These boots prove that miserable weather doesn’t mean you have to wear dull clothing and we are loving this year’s collection.

Sassi PR have rated Hunter Wellington Boots: RATING 5/5

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Sassi PR give Top Model of Colour a sassy touch!

Sassi PR was selected to be the official PR representatives for the 2010 grand finale of the Top Model of Colour (TMC) Competition.  Delighted to be a sponsor of such a great competition we got to work organising the press event.

On Sunday we held the press event at the glamorous Jewel bar in Covent Garden.  Press and celebrity guests had been invited to meet the 29 male and female finalists and watch them as they showcased their talents.  It was a fun and busy day from start to finish as the team were up early making sure everything was going to plan.

Steadily guests arrived and we prepared to pull off a night they wouldn’t forget!  The event was high energy and there was a buzz in the atmosphere right from the beginning with everyone talking and drinking.

The showcase part of the evening was presented by the fabulous Jordine Bartlet who gracefully opened the proceeding and welcomed TMC founder Sola Oyebade to the floor to talk about the competition.  Then it was time for the models to strut their stuff; every one a vision of style and class in their elegant dresses and sharp suits.  Each model took their moment to shine as they stood on podiums and posed for the guests and photographers. There was some outstanding talent and once they stepped back into the crowd they made their way to the TMC red carpet to continue striking their fierce poses for the cameras.

Throughout the night the media also took the opportunity to interview the models and hear their perspectives’ on why TMC is such an important competition and the benefits they feel they have received being a part of it.

Later that evening two visiting clients from actors Kofi Siriboe and Kwame Boateng from LA came down to show their support after making an appearance at the premier of Africa United.

It was also nice to see Deborah St Louis Editor-in-Cheif of Fashion’s Finest, respected photographers Joseph Sinclair and Rob Sheppard, celebrity make-up artist Pauline Briscoe and Afua Acheampong Features Editor at Pride, Olumide Solanke Editor of Ninetynine Magazine, Deniece Forbes Radio DJ from BangFM, Christina Polizzi of Italo Europeo Magazine, Lawrence Lartey of Redtop Magazine, Mark Wadsworth journalist, Prince Cassius, Leroy Dawkins of Diary of a Clothes Horse and Lois of Bunni Punch to mention a few.

The event was a great success and it was lovely to read all the positive reviews from people who had attended.  Now it’s time to get back to work and start chasing up the media to make sure TMC 2010 gets some good coverage leading up to the exciting grand finale on Saturday 27 October!!!

Africa Unites In London

Leicester Square rolled out the red carpet and exuded an air of excitement when the 54th BFI London Film festival hosted the premiere of Africa United as the stunning cast and Hollywood actors came out to experience the film tipped to run away with our hearts.

The young cast playfully enjoyed the red carpet as for many of the actors it was their first time playing a major role in a motion picture.   Alongside the cast we attended the premiere with our Los Angeles based clients, teen actors Kwame Boateng and Kofi Siriboe.

The storyline watched the children travel across the many borders and through the different countries of Africa to reach the World Cup in South Africa, touching on relevant issues that are prominent in African society that affect young children and even adults such as wealth, poverty, education, illness and war.   Inevitable the film is being compared or associated within the same league as Slum Dog Millionaire due to the rich storyline of love, happiness and overcoming trial and tribulations.  In our opinion, Africa United is a compliment rather than a comparison to a new wave of film production drawing the Western audience into other cultures to experience new cultural traditions and share universal values.

October has been the perfect month to release such an amazing film that speaks about unity and ties in with the messages Black History Month celebrates annually.  The film defiantly appealed to an array of nations as it also embraced and invited the audience to revel in the culture.

We recommend Africa United as a must see movie!  Laughing in hysterics will uncontrollably carry you along the storyline’s journey and tears of happiness will make the experience worth watching.  A lot of hard work and a dedicated cast have nurtured the nature of the film presented to the big screen.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did when it reaches cinemas on Friday 22 October.

MHM: African Music Awards 2010

Music Hit or Miss”

The African Music Awards held their annual 2010 award ceremony to celebrate music artists of African origin at Westminster Hall.  Sassi PR attended the event which wasn’t quite up to our sassy style.  Event: RATING  1/5.

Verses From The Abstract

Verses from the Abstract is the brain child of events management trio Fly Penguin. Offering a unique platform for poets and unsigned artists to showcase their talent and now on its third edition the show is already gaining a cult following. Sassi PR strive to be up on all fresh movements in the world of music and the creative arts so we attended their last show at Bar Sequence in Islington.

It was an intimate evening of spoken word and soulful acoustic melodies hosted by James Massiah a talented writer who also blessed the mic with his poetic offerings in between each scheduled act. He was a captivating performer, talking about the perils of sex and love and even braved the more controversial topic of black women’s hair and his preference for natural locks to a audience fill with women with relaxed hair and weaves.

Of all the future stars that performed two acts shown brightest, the first being Poet By Nature a powerful wordsmith who bared her soul and delivered a moving performance. Her flow was fast and hard conveying her message with intense force, as she spoke with such conviction you almost felt as though you were feeling what she was feeling.

The second was Dan Zappi who’s quirky ramblings, about life and love to music, were extremely entertaining. His combination of singing and talking perfectly expressed things that we have all felt at one point or another.

London is a hub of creativity and you can always find music talent being showcased on any day of the week. Fly Penguin have brought us something new to get excited about  in Verses From The Abstract  as it offers an  alternative way to appreciate words and music.

FHN: Kim Jones

“Fashion Hot or Not”

Kim Jones the iconic British menswear designer graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2001 and has since flourished to have a high profile career in fashion.  He is now the creative director of Dunhill London presenting his AW10 menswear collection.

Sassi PR have rated Kim Jone’s’AW10 Dunhill collection: RATING 5/5

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