Feeling Naked…

Do you ever catch yourself feeling incomplete after you’ve dressed head to toe in fashion fabulousness but you forgot the most important element, the cherry on the top?   Well, we’re talking about accessories!

In the office today, one of the team said that she “felt naked” because she’d come to work without her watch; sparking us to discuss how important watches, rings and other types of jewellery are to our daily fashion personas.

We questioned whether jewellery was the key element to make or break the perfect look.  The added glamour and charm jewellery offers acts as an asset to creating a unique ensemble.  Shanghai based designer Josie Chen told us a person “who is open minded and an edgy individual” is the kind of female she envisions to shine and wear her ‘Rock Chic’ collection of fresh and funky necklaces made from second hand dissembled accessories.   But Josie’s necklaces aren’t just pretty features to be carried off with a fashionista attitude, they are statement pieces.   Language is not necessary; just let your image do the talking which speaks a thousand words.

Josie Chen Jewellery

So if an outfit is dependent on jewellery to give it an edge and uniqueness are we right to assume that the rule applies to all who dare to wear, even children?   Children’s’ bespoke jewellery is defiantly climbing up the rankings within the fashion realm.   Ruby Fruit and Molly Brown in particular are curators of stylish and contemporary children’s jewellery, finely crafted to define a fashion identity suitable for children to exude class and style.   Now we have the children to contend with when it comes to showing off.

Nialaya Bracelet

When men’s accessories are considered it should not be limited to cuff links and watches to complete the swagger of any outfit.  So the next question that arose in our debate, do we like the men trend of bracelets?   Unanimously we all answered yes!  We are excited to see that men are finding it hard to resist the ever growing craze of the Nialaya bracelet.   Jewellery is not just for women and children and a long list of celebrity men are sporting the craze.  The JLS boy’s and Chelsea football players Didier Drogba and Salomon Kalou are a just a select few adding attitude to their attire.  The exclusive craze is only available in the UK through Jada Styles online fashion portal.

Our overall office consensus brought us to the conclusion that jewellery is important to everyone regardless of age or sex.   It’s not just something pretty to look at but contains a hidden aura unique to every individual.   And this where we clarify ourselves, one is not complete if they are naked without their watch…  or as a matter of fact any jewellery in our case.


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