Cross My Heart

Preeya Kalidas has taken a break from acting to launch her career as the UK’s hottest new soap star turned singing sensation.  Her sexy debut single ‘Shimmy’ featuring Mumzy Stranger was released this Summer allowing the star to show off not just here singing talents but also her dance moves; exposing her sultry side to the British public.

Now Preeya has teamed up with Skepta and is featured on his hot new track ‘Cross My Heart’. It’s a great track which is sure to do well in the clubs and gives the new songstress an opportunity to show her talents as her strong vocals flow well alongside Skepta who’s definitely making his mark.  We liked his witty line in the first verse “I’m super bad like McLovin” which made us smirk.  Skepta started out on the Grime circuit but like so many MC’s, these days he’s producing music that is pushing the sound into mainstream.

We love the newly released video which was launched on YouTube two days ago and has since broken records with over 80,000 views!  Whoo!!! hoo!!!  Preeya looks luscious, sporting a fierce leopard print dress and is showing us all how to rock this season’s trend! And we must say… Skepta’s looking rather hot in the luxurious mansion setting, surrounded by sexy ladies.

Throughout the week there has be a phenomenal amount of promotion for the track, with the pair taking full advantage of social networking platforms.  Skepta posted a link for the video on Twitter and he is not the only Rap artist to acknowledge Twitter’s PR power as we saw last month when Kanye West signed up to promote his latest offerings.

We think ‘Cross My Heart’ is going to blow up in the charts when it’s released this October and that Preeya will be praised for her singing talents.


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