It’s Carnival Time!

DAY 1… Sunday 29 August

It’s that time again, London’s hosting its annual carnival extravaganza and the streets of Notting Hill have turned into a sea of colourful costumes, steel bands, calypso music and so much more.

In some ways Carnival is seen as the pinnacle of calypso music and costume fashion – key words being ‘music’ and ‘fashion’ – two things we love, so why were we so undecided today about whether to attend? Simple answer the weather!  It certainly isn’t ‘Hot! Hot! Hot!” in fact today’s rain is making it ‘Wet! Wet! Wet!’

We’re looking forward to going tomorrow for Carnival Monday.

Did you go today? What was it like?

DAY 2… Monday 30 August

Never one to miss a party, SassiPR headed to Carnival to join in the fun!!!

It was great seeing the creativity and coloufulness of the costumes; they were amazing; can you imagine staging a catwalk show for Carnival?  That would be fabulous (watch this space!)  and if you could ‘bare it’ excuse the pun some of the costumes were extremely raunchy and very sassy indeed!!!

Hundreds of people came together to sing and dance to everything from calypso, to reggae, to soul, to r&b… we heard everything, even jazz. So for us dancing in the street, drinking, and enjoying the delights of jerk chicken made it all seem like heaven.  Roll on Carnival 2011!


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