RWD Magazine’s Exclusive 100th Issue Party

It’s great to see that RWD is still going forward, in an era where the current climate of magazine distribution has become unstable and many organisations are surviving purely on the power of online media.

RWD Magazine has successfully generated coverage to platform many leading UK artists in the musical spotlight and last night they held an exclusive celebration party to mark the release of their 100th issue.  It was an excellent night to mark this great milestone of their history and the Sassi PR team were proud to be in attendance to help commemorate the occasion.

Tinie Tempah graced the front cover of the 100th issue and he performed a brilliant twenty minute set to the intimate crowd of guests.  His set included his number one hit ‘Pass Out’, ‘Frisky’ and his forthcoming track ‘Written in the Stars’ soon to be released on October 4th as part of the Disc-Overy album.

Another highlight of the night was musical talent Ed Sheeran who really knows how to get a crowd buzzing.  While playing an electric acoustic guitar mixed with his vocals and  beat box looped live, he had the whole room chanting his lyrics “You need me man, I don’t need you!”  The atmosphere was electric! Sheeran’s signature sound of hip hop beats with a blended touch of acoustic and folk is defiantly a recipe for continuous success.

Other UK celebrities in the building on the night included the beautiful Alesha Dixon and BBC 1Xtra DJ Mista Jam who ran the decks to see the party through the night. Mr Hudson also came out to show his support when Tinie Tempah took to the stage.   And as you can imagine the sassi PR team we’re getting their groove on!

It was a great night and a well deserved chance to celebrate the pioneering success of UK music, as well as the hard work and dedication of RWD Magazine to reach their 100th issue.   We would like to give RWD Magazine another round of applause and we look forward to the future as they continue to raise the bar of success.


2 thoughts on “RWD Magazine’s Exclusive 100th Issue Party

  1. I love rewind magazine too, they really help give exposure to urban artists in the UK and I think that can only be a good thing.

  2. I love rewind magazine! They are really doing well, l wish I was there, I love Tinie Tempah he is doing so well for UK music. Rewind is defiantly doing well for a UK based magazine and helping to raise the standards of up and coming UK artists.
    Really enjoyed this blog!!

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