Is Fashion Becoming a Kids World?

This new age young fashion phenomena makes us question, what do children actually know about fashion?

Celebrity mini me’s are starting to give the fashion world a run for their money. Three year old Suri Cruise is already teaching older women how to wear labels and Madonna and Lourdes have created a clothing line to revive the trend of the 80’s.

As they seem to be the ones that are starting to influence a new generation before they can even spell the word bangle, its interesting to observe just how much power these little fashion protégées possess. Madonna and Lourdes style and control the direction of their fashion line with Taylor Momsen fronting the ‘Material Girl’campaign showing young girls the right way to strut the trends of the 80’s along with the right attitude to pull it off.  With Lourdes being only thirteen, and her mum being one of the leading fashion icon’s who helped to dominate the 80’s fashion scene, its exciting to see the passion Lourdes has for fashion and maybe it is an innate trait.

As the fashion world contains a number of designers aimed to cater to the children’s market, it just goes to show there is defiantly a niche market to target. Elegance, class and romanticism are not just qualities found only in the mature woman.  Italian and fine children designers Val Max, encapsulate each of these elements to create an impeccable chic and unique young girl’s range. Val Max gives young girls an early insight into the world of fashion and gives them a head start in shaping their identity.

One designer in particular Ruby Fruit specialises in creating unique pieces of bespoke children’s jewellery and keepsakes. Not only does their baby and children’s jewellery fit the criteria for being fashionable but the jewels tick the box for encapsulating sentimental meaning; Ruby Fruit are wonderful creators of such elegant pieces that do just that.

It’s not a crime to see these young children show off delicate pieces of jewellery to compliment their designer Baby Grows. Personally, I think children’s jewellery is a great idea and doesn’t pose a threat to future health risks, unlike the miniature heels set to hinder growth, strapped to the petite ankles of Suri Cruise. Children’s jewellery still clenches an element of innocence unlike other fashion items introduced to children at such a young age.

So, we ask ourselves again, is fashion becoming a kid’s world?


One thought on “Is Fashion Becoming a Kids World?

  1. I’m not sure whether fashion is becoming a kids world but the world of fashion for kids is definitely getting more exposure. I think it’s because celebrities and or the media are focusing on the kids.

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