This Is Not a Talent… It’s an Exceptional Ability

Professional basketball player turned stylist, Adrien Sauvage has evolved into one of London’s finest new menswear designers. Let us not forget to include photographer and artist to the list as he was the creative eye behind the lens capturing the essence of his first ever modern man collection ‘000-1 – 000-11’ or in words ‘This is not a suit’.

Recently, we haven’t seen such creative campaigns or artistic adventure for a menswear brand that has the individual show the clothes how to be worn, not the other way around. The collection isn’t just about injecting a sauve swagger into the suits of AW10. Instead, it is about exploring the concept of individualism and the internal and external influences that affect it.  To describe a fashion campaign as a case study, Adrien Sauvage enters a realm of creativity on an untouchable level.  The series of black and white images used to explore and investigate the concept, project a variety of individuals from all walks of life showing off how they wear the suit. To add an elite touch to the project, close pals Mark Ronson, Coco Sumner and even an 82 year old ex-Harlem Globe Trotter got suited and booted to show Adrien Sauvage how they rock a suit day to day.  We thought it was a clever twist using a female to front alongside a menswear campaign, in this instance it breaks barriers and shows that the suit is not about being a man’s attire, but focus’s on how the individual makes the clothing personal to them.

The collection has been created with such sophistication paying attention to detail. Double vents, rope shoulders and scallop collars are a few of the many signature features used to tailor the collection. The palette of colours is just as exquisite as the fit. Blue and plum flannel blazers, forest green wools, a three piece grey country suit in Prince of Wales check and a blue city pin head wool suit are key pieces that capture the essence of 000-1 – 000-11.

The creative talents of Adrien Sauvage are definitely worth following as he and business partner George Lamb continues to embark on their adventure to explore the realms of the suit. You can embrace the collection in search of finding your individualism when it reaches Matches and Harrods in the fall.


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