It’s Carnival Time!

DAY 1… Sunday 29 August

It’s that time again, London’s hosting its annual carnival extravaganza and the streets of Notting Hill have turned into a sea of colourful costumes, steel bands, calypso music and so much more.

In some ways Carnival is seen as the pinnacle of calypso music and costume fashion – key words being ‘music’ and ‘fashion’ – two things we love, so why were we so undecided today about whether to attend? Simple answer the weather!  It certainly isn’t ‘Hot! Hot! Hot!” in fact today’s rain is making it ‘Wet! Wet! Wet!’

We’re looking forward to going tomorrow for Carnival Monday.

Did you go today? What was it like?

DAY 2… Monday 30 August

Never one to miss a party, SassiPR headed to Carnival to join in the fun!!!

It was great seeing the creativity and coloufulness of the costumes; they were amazing; can you imagine staging a catwalk show for Carnival?  That would be fabulous (watch this space!)  and if you could ‘bare it’ excuse the pun some of the costumes were extremely raunchy and very sassy indeed!!!

Hundreds of people came together to sing and dance to everything from calypso, to reggae, to soul, to r&b… we heard everything, even jazz. So for us dancing in the street, drinking, and enjoying the delights of jerk chicken made it all seem like heaven.  Roll on Carnival 2011!


Stepping through time with Vivienne Westwood

When the Sassi PR team found out that Vivienne Westwood had unveiled her shoe retrospective at Selfridges we couldn’t get down there fast enough. We strutted into the city as quickly as our fashionable dressed feet could carry us.

When we arrived we hurried down the escalator and as we approached the Ultralounge space, where ‘Vivienne Westwood’s Shoes – an Exhibition’ was being held, we were filled with excitement.

Ribbon, wood, leather, suede, velvet, rubber, feathers, fabric, and patent… over 200 shoes comprised of all this and more. They came in all shapes and sizes, from impossibly high heels to quirky flats and everything in between. We each had our favourites but all appreciated the splendour of the ‘Can Shoes’ from the ‘Ultra Femininity’ collection S/S 2005.

Walking the aisles of the exhibition hall was truly an awe inspiring experience and surpassed our expectations, and stimulated our shoe lust. We loved seeing how many trends have resurfaced and evolved over the years. Our favourite example being, the Apollo Wing Shoe of 1988 which was re-worked for the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa collaboration which launched in 2008. Originally crafted in what looked like white wood and leather this design now has a new life as a jelly shoe.

Some of the designs would be too adventurous for the average shoe lover but there is something for everyone. We are convinced that women everywhere would find a shoe represents them as each of us did.

We fell in love with this quote from the Grande Dame herself “Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women’s beauty on a pedestal”.  When you slip your feet into a gorgeous pair of high heels you instantly feel more confident and sexy.  Which of your shoes make you feel ten feet tall?

Vintage at GoodWood

Sassi PR are serious advocates for the vintage cause so you can imagine our delight when we first heard about Vintage at Goodwood. This music and fashion festival had its launch last weekend and was the first of what will be an annual event that celebrates creative British cool spanning the 40’s to the 80’s. Created by Wayne Hemingway, designer and founder of Red or Dead, Vintage is set to change the face of British festivals and we love it.

Before the event Hemingway had said: “Vintage at Goodwood will bring something fresh and unique to a summer festival circuit that in many ways has become stale, homogenised and one dimensional.”

And boy did he deliver! There was music from international stars including a performance from Sophie Ellis Bextor with The Feeling during which she wore a fetching yellow jumpsuit that she had purchased that day from the Gently Worn Vintage stall. Fashion lovers of all ages were treated to an unparalleled shopping experience provided by the vast number of vintage stalls. There were also pop up shops from high-street names such as Barbour and John Lewis.

Now if you wanted to find that element that really set Vintage at Goodwood apart from other festivals look no further than the luxury accommodation. Generally when you think of festivals, visions of camping in the mud and rain flood into the mind, but of course Vintage at Goodwood did things a little differently. Their take on festival accommodation brought a splash of glamour to festival living. There was a real brick and mortar hotel, sophisticated camping in the secluded glades, vintage caravans and customized pod pads, what more could you ask for.

Thousands of people came to join in the celebration of all things vintage and there was a great atmosphere. Our friendly neighbour at the Print House, Dee Dee’s Vintage, had a stall at the event, so we caught up with them to find out how their weekend went. On the opening day they showcased an outfit, styled by Dee Dee, on the main catwalk in the Camden Palace 80s Remix fashion show. The outfit was comprised of an original early 80s The Damned T-shirt, 80s leather biker jacket, leopard print ra-ra skirt, and vintage Grenson boots. You go Dee Dee, we love your style!

Throughout the weekend they received a lot of visitors to the stall; among them was Pearl Lowe who bought a floral bridesmaid’s dress. The dress was for 4-year-old Betty Lowe who had been wearing a stunning black lace dress from Pearl’s new Peacocks range. Poor Miss Betty was too hot so changed into the fantastic floral number and paired with black Hunter wellington boots her fabulous festival chic look was complete.

Vintage at Goodwood was a grand affair and has earned a permanent place on the Sassi PR calendar.

RWD Magazine’s Exclusive 100th Issue Party

It’s great to see that RWD is still going forward, in an era where the current climate of magazine distribution has become unstable and many organisations are surviving purely on the power of online media.

RWD Magazine has successfully generated coverage to platform many leading UK artists in the musical spotlight and last night they held an exclusive celebration party to mark the release of their 100th issue.  It was an excellent night to mark this great milestone of their history and the Sassi PR team were proud to be in attendance to help commemorate the occasion.

Tinie Tempah graced the front cover of the 100th issue and he performed a brilliant twenty minute set to the intimate crowd of guests.  His set included his number one hit ‘Pass Out’, ‘Frisky’ and his forthcoming track ‘Written in the Stars’ soon to be released on October 4th as part of the Disc-Overy album.

Another highlight of the night was musical talent Ed Sheeran who really knows how to get a crowd buzzing.  While playing an electric acoustic guitar mixed with his vocals and  beat box looped live, he had the whole room chanting his lyrics “You need me man, I don’t need you!”  The atmosphere was electric! Sheeran’s signature sound of hip hop beats with a blended touch of acoustic and folk is defiantly a recipe for continuous success.

Other UK celebrities in the building on the night included the beautiful Alesha Dixon and BBC 1Xtra DJ Mista Jam who ran the decks to see the party through the night. Mr Hudson also came out to show his support when Tinie Tempah took to the stage.   And as you can imagine the sassi PR team we’re getting their groove on!

It was a great night and a well deserved chance to celebrate the pioneering success of UK music, as well as the hard work and dedication of RWD Magazine to reach their 100th issue.   We would like to give RWD Magazine another round of applause and we look forward to the future as they continue to raise the bar of success.

Is Fashion Becoming a Kids World?

This new age young fashion phenomena makes us question, what do children actually know about fashion?

Celebrity mini me’s are starting to give the fashion world a run for their money. Three year old Suri Cruise is already teaching older women how to wear labels and Madonna and Lourdes have created a clothing line to revive the trend of the 80’s.

As they seem to be the ones that are starting to influence a new generation before they can even spell the word bangle, its interesting to observe just how much power these little fashion protégées possess. Madonna and Lourdes style and control the direction of their fashion line with Taylor Momsen fronting the ‘Material Girl’campaign showing young girls the right way to strut the trends of the 80’s along with the right attitude to pull it off.  With Lourdes being only thirteen, and her mum being one of the leading fashion icon’s who helped to dominate the 80’s fashion scene, its exciting to see the passion Lourdes has for fashion and maybe it is an innate trait.

As the fashion world contains a number of designers aimed to cater to the children’s market, it just goes to show there is defiantly a niche market to target. Elegance, class and romanticism are not just qualities found only in the mature woman.  Italian and fine children designers Val Max, encapsulate each of these elements to create an impeccable chic and unique young girl’s range. Val Max gives young girls an early insight into the world of fashion and gives them a head start in shaping their identity.

One designer in particular Ruby Fruit specialises in creating unique pieces of bespoke children’s jewellery and keepsakes. Not only does their baby and children’s jewellery fit the criteria for being fashionable but the jewels tick the box for encapsulating sentimental meaning; Ruby Fruit are wonderful creators of such elegant pieces that do just that.

It’s not a crime to see these young children show off delicate pieces of jewellery to compliment their designer Baby Grows. Personally, I think children’s jewellery is a great idea and doesn’t pose a threat to future health risks, unlike the miniature heels set to hinder growth, strapped to the petite ankles of Suri Cruise. Children’s jewellery still clenches an element of innocence unlike other fashion items introduced to children at such a young age.

So, we ask ourselves again, is fashion becoming a kid’s world?

UK Unsigned HYPE

The unsigned musical talents of the UK bursting to break out and take over the industry performed last night at the UK Unsigned HYPE 2010 event in Camden at the Lockside lounge. The calibre of the event was terrific as the diverse skills of the nineteen acts from singers, rappers, songwriters and producers really impressed us and the crowd.

There are a number of talent events and competitions throughout the country each year. Of course, the biggest televised annual talent search competition is The X Factor – for which Simon Cowell and his panel are in charge of a national head hunt to find the next big act to offer a record deal.  But over the years the show has become more focused on humour and entertainment to please the audience at home and boost viewer ratings rather than focusing on raw talent.  Obviously, Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and JLS are the exceptions flying the British flag high in the sky. But as a show that has to appeal to a mass audience it remains very commercial as it tries to find a level of entertainment to satisfy the general public.

An event such as UK Unsigned Hype is a niche talent showcase within the urban scene. Although it is not a competition with a high profile prize such as a record deal, it serves as an opportunity of exposure to lead artists in the right direction to secure one. The acts are hand picked and selected to perform and are deemed as the future of underground and up and coming music.

One of the performances on the night came from Abbee Audio who came down to London from the Midlands to perform her live version of B.O.B’s ‘Nothing on You’ and blew the crowd away with her strong vocals. Her rendition of the track was so beautiful that I had chills running down our spines as she hit each note.  Abbee’s YouTube channel is defiantly worth a listen to catch her freestyles and her personally written songs.

Mighty Moe, one of Heartless Crew’s original members hyped up the crowd bringing back old school flavour and memories with his new track ‘Old Skol Daze’. The event also drew in other prominent underground artists as we spotted a few crew members from Roll Deep in the crowd.

Ayo performed his track ‘Top Man’ featuring Dizzee Rascal on the backing track.  For us, his strong talent lies in his producing, as he makes his own beats encompassing a new direction and bringing a fresh sound to hip hop and R&B.

The event was refreshing and a great opportunity to listen to the various artists working hard to make it within the music industry.  Not all the acts will follow the same route to make it to the top or even have the chance to be selected for The X Factor but we defiantly believe unsigned events are a great avenue of exposure. The next UK Unsigned HYPE event will in October and we recommend anyone who enjoys fresh talent to head on down and enjoy the hidden gems of UK music.

MHM: Alesha Dixon – ‘Drummer Boy’

Music Hit or Miss”

Alesha Dixon, singer and Strictly Come Dancing judge has released her new track ‘Drummer Boy’, in which as always Ms Dixon looks fabulous and is doing some very sassy dancing for which we have rated 5/5.  Sassi PR have rated her ‘Drummer Boy’  Track: RATING 3/5

What’s your rating for this track?