The Clothes Show

Sassi PR Executive, Kerry Dixon,  woke up with that Friday feeling… ready to celebrate because the weekend was here and she was going The London Clothes Show.

“I arrived at Earls Court at 11am, untangled my limbs and began to creep deep into the heart of the fashion jungle.

With so much to see and do I was lost, unable to see through the high topped exhibition stands and primal females racing fearlessly to the free goodies stand and wait for it girls… naked More Magazine men on show!

It was a mummy and daughter day out to find exclusive bargains and the best make up tips a VIP ticket at the show could get you.  The Swishers, a collective of blonde and brunettes at the L’Oreal stand sashayed up and down their miniature runway twirling hoola hoops and seductively swinging their thick voluminous  “don’t you wish this was your” hair.

Mean while opposite The Swishers, a purple Double Decker Beauty bus took in female fashion victims and gave them a tour of total transformation.  My journeys through the stands lead me to take many unexpected twist and turns.  At one stage I passed The Corona and La Senza beach where up and coming boy band The Wanted were catching the artificial rays inside the show room making all the young pre-teen girls squeal with excitement. I have to admit the boys were pretty cool and managed to pry away from the herd of eager beavers to take a quick happy snap with me.

After my quick pit stop I got back en route and headed to the heart of designer destinations. I stumbled across a jewellery stand where designer Josie Chen from Shanghai made fabulous pieces of hand made jewellery that encompassed funk with attitude but still had the allure of a feminine touch. Perfect designs I thought to wear with any maxi dress this summer to give it a sassy edge.

I was so excited with designer Meemonah Latifs collection. For all my ASOS lovers, you can find her original Meemdesigns on the site. Her dresses summed up the type of style I would rock on a night out with my girls. Exaggerated shoulder pads and mixed prints very me indeed.

The highlight of my day was the fashion show which I got the lucky chance to watch twice. The show was a fabulous musical spectacular taking the audience around the world to explore the magnificent fashion capitals. The opening sequence opened the audience to Tokyo, creating a Kill Bill inspired martial arts extravaganza of tuxedos and eye masks tailored with black and gold kimonos before landing at JFK International, New York for a Harlem ghetto style street battle. Adidas stripes, gold chains and fluorescent shiny pink leggings, the crew looked liked kidnapped refugees of Run DMC!  After some pretty impressive break dancing the elegant ladies of Paris strolled down the Chans a Lize, arm in arm with their fancy men, very romantic indeed.

My favourite part of the show has to be the mini Sex and the City tribute without a doubt (number 1 SATC fan). Four models strutted arm and arm down the catwalk sporting a good days worth of Macy’s therapy clutched in their flawlessly manicured nails, skipping down the runaway giggling with one another knowing they were the envy of every female and faaabulous male in the audience. The finale scene of the fashion spectacular returned home to London to pay tribute to Carnaby Street. The timeless fashion took us on a journey through time as the audience watched on in awe as the models told a tale of fashion evolution of the past five decades.

The theme and execution of the show was excitingly creative and amazingly imaginative. I absolutely loved the energy of the dancers and models that made forty five minutes seem like a lifetime gone by in the blink of an eye.

At 10pm after a day of fun and frolics in the fashion jungle, I waved goodbye as I snatched up my five goodie bags on my way home (they weren’t all for me I promise… Hee, Hee).  With two more days of the show left in London future fashion creatures yet to visit the fashion land have a lot to look forward to which I am sure they will enjoy.

Can’t wait until my next fix in December when I go to Brummie for Clothes Show Live, Birmingham.”


Is Imitation Really the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

We learnt that the camp at Alexander McQueen are looking to sue Cadbury’s.

The new Flake advert has a very similar resemblance to the Kate Moss hologram in the Alexander McQueen Fall 2006 Catwalk Show that captured the fantasies of the fashion world and toyed with their imagination.

Swirling fabrics sashaying down the runway encapsulating the iconic hologram of Kate Moss, have been compared to the ‘imitation’ of the new one minute long Cadbury Flake advert with sights of gold fabric whirling and twirling in soft winds around a beautiful female, floating in space trying to tempt our senses.

Surprisingly, the Creative Director of the Cadbury’s advert Baillie Walsh was also the same man that worked with Alexander McQueen to create the historic catwalk prodigy.   Now, we’re guessing Walsh was stuck for ideas so he dug through his memory bin to recycle a past success and rummaged to find a good ‘ole hologram that wouldn’t take two minutes to snap happily into a Photoshop or Apple Mac style, manipulated by his techno savvy team.  It is difficult to persuade us that this new advert is not in any way similar, but for fashion fanatics we dare Cadbury to try and tell us otherwise.   We can appreciate a creative head will have their own personal style but we would also expect that they would be aware of their past work and strive to show versatility.  In the words of twitter trending… #imjustsaying.

We’re still trying to decide whether the advert should be seen as a tribute or homage to the late Alexander McQueen and Kate Moss or whether the act is simply disrespectful. Oh or perhaps it may be a PR stint – but it would be ludicrous to ever suggest such an idea, silly me.

While we ponder our verdict, the McQueen team is seeking their legal rights to sue Cadbury and banish them to an eternity of life in Cadbury World where they can’t hire creative directors who aren’t creative or clever enough to come up with new concepts. Secretly, we think he thought we wouldn’t notice (Shhh!)

Walsh is defiantly playing his part in paying tribute to McQueen’s fashion house so that his legacy lives on and helping Cadbury’s continue controversial campaign trails. Cadbury seem to be pinching inspiration from anywhere these days the fact that their also claiming to be fair-trade chocolate producers exploiting the African cocoa bean production but that’s a rant for another day! Either way all three parties involved are benefiting from any publicity which equals to good publicity.